Wine Type Cerasuolo D’Abruzzo doc

Proof 13,50 % vol

Vine species Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo doc

Production area Città S.Angelo Municipality Area

Exposure South / Southeast

Land type Medium textured - Clayey - Calcareous

Cultivation mode Rows

Output per hectare 100 quintals


Manual, with harvesting time determined by means of ripening curves.

Vinification : Roller crushing and squeezing with soft press (max 0.9 atmospheres pressure) to extract only liquid must. Cold refining of must and fermentation of clearer part under controlled temperature (16°-18° C.)

Storage and further refining :

After alcoholic fermentation, wine is stored in steel tanks equipped with cooling pockets. After stabilisation, both from the protein and tartaric points of view, the wine is bottled in the spring following harvesting.


This wine has a cherry-red, bright colour. The scent is delicate and persistent, with traces of strawberry and cherry. Tasting releases warmth and pleasant freshness with a typical bitterish aftertaste. This wine should be drank within one year after production in order to best appreciate its organoleptic features. It is recommended for fish and white meatdishes, and particularly with cold cuts. Recommended serving temperature is 10°-12° C.


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