Wine is the poetry of the earth

Since 1910

The art of wine making, between past and present.

A century of history tells the tale of the work and passion of Costantini for the art of wine making, a tradition centred on the lands of Abruzzo where, in 1910, the Costantini family started business as wine makers. Over the years the Costantinis managed to increase the prestige of their products, respecting the environment, the most advanced farming techniques and the most accurate wine-making techniques.


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Today the whole Costantini family leads the company with passion, contributing significantly to the company’s growth thanks also to modern technology masterfully used to select the best grapes for producing top quality wines. The company’s long experience in this sector, passion and tenacity in working made this company a beacon in the wine-making of the Pescara area.

Why our wine?

Love & Passion

In each of our bottles you will find the love and passion we dedicate to our work. Attention to every detail allows us to obtain an excellent product that we dedicate to each of our customers.

Experience & Professionalism

Over a century of experience in the wine sector has allowed us to obtain a unique product that combined with our professionalism guarantees you the highest quality.

Good for Nature

Our products are defined by our consumers as "good by nature" as we need very little to add to a product that is already excellent.

A Passion handed down from Father to Son


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Olives are added to the ancient winemaking tradition. The Costantini family has been taking care of its estates for years, as well as its vines, including the numerous hectares planted with olive trees. From here comes a healthy, quality olive, cultivated in compliance with the ingenico-sanitary and consumer protection standards.

Craftsmen’s Traditions and Modernity: a perfect marriage

Today the production structure is located in the middle of a large estate owned by the company where, modernity and tradition meet in a balanced mix. In the cellar, the traditional winemaking methods, together with the most advanced modern wine-making techniques contribute to the valorisation of the quality and peculiarities of our wines. All of this is supported by the unique features of the territory, stretching from the Gran Sasso Mountains to the Adriatic sea, that create an ideal micro-climate for robust, strong wines that can stand aging and at the same time younger, ready-to-drink wines. .



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